Over 40 years growing with you

Experience in Quality

A production process that relies on human experience and cutting-edge technology, to respect our customers' high-quality standards.

Through a competent process of product development, in Malhas Queiroga we work with daring materials and models that differentiate us from the competition, either by the complexity of the products or by the innovation in the materials used.

We design all kinds of garments, meeting all our clients' needs, using CAD and 3D technologies

We daily research new materials to keep up with market trends and demands.

We have always worked hand in hand with technological developments in the sector, in both the creative and production processes, which allows us to have a wide range of services.

Learn about our creation and production systems, from the search for knitwear, types of dyeing and washing, production techniques and prints, to the technology implemented in our facilities and services we offer.

For more than 40 years dedicated to the production of knitted outerwear

We continually invest in training our employees and in technological innovation.
We have specialised human and technological resources, which enable us to have an average production capacity of 300,000 pcs/year.



A more sustainable and competitive production model

We are committed to producing innovative, ecological articles of the highest quality with a more positive impact on the environment.

What do we do


Manufacture of knitted outerwear

We produce polos, sweatshirts, jumpers, jackets, t-shirts, bodysuits, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, overalls, among others.